James Baimba a student on Friday 21st July 2023 was remanded at the Male Correctional Center in Freetown by Magistrate Magistrate Marke Ngegba of the Magistrate Court No.1 in Pademba Road Freetown after allegedly defrauding the complainant, Mohamed Ibrahim Conteh of $9,300 for a visa to the States of America.

The accused made his first appearance in court and was arraigned on two counts of conspiracy to defraud contrary to law and causing money to be paid by false prpretensesontrary to section 32 (1) of the Larceny Act of 1916.

According to police, the accused on diverse days between 1st February and 29th March 2022 in Freetown with intent to defraud conspired with unknown persons to defraud Ibrahim Conteh of $9,300 on the pretext that he will provide a visa for the complainant to travel to the U.S knowing same to be false.

Police further allege on count two that the accused on the same dates in Freetown, unlawfully caused Mohamed Ibrahim Conteh to pay Osman Koroma the sum of $9,300 equ to the payment fee for a visa to the United States of America.

After the charges were read and explained to the accused no plea was taken.

The police prosecutor ASP Ibrahim S. Mansaray informed the court that his witness was absent noting that he is presently on exams and therefore could not proceed with the matter.

DeDefenseawyer Mohamed Golfa applied for bail on behalf of the accused by citing section 79 of the Criminal Procedure Act No 32 of 1965.

Magistrate Marke Ngegba however refused bail and remanded the accused and the matter was adjoined to July 28th, 2023 for further hearing.