Sukudu New Site Young Organization Embarks On Road Construction

As Access road is considered to be one of the key pillars behind development in every community, the Sukudu New Site Young Organization in zone seven and eight in Koidu City Kono District has embarked on feeder road construction in the said community in Tankoro Chiefdom Kono District Sukudu community.

Report states that it is one of the biggest and oldest communities within the municipality of Koidu with over two thousand houses, but lacks community centre, market, hospital among other facilities.

Explaining the rationale behind the said developmental venture the aforesaid organization has embarked on the Chairman Sukudu New Site Young Generation Ishmael Kelvin Kellie stated that, the main reason for undertaking such development is to make the community lively as it has been abandoned by the authorities in the Chiefdom and the district as a whole, adding the development of the community squarely lies on them as residents and therefore they should embark on developmental activities that will serve as pointers.

While advocating to authorities in the chiefdom, the District and the country by extension for more development to be felt in the community for the betterment of all, the chairman said their target as youths of Sukudu community this time round is to make sure we contribute highly to the development of our community even if we may or may not receive support from stakeholders in the chiefdom and district as a whole Chairman Kelvin Kellie stated.

Explaining about their source of income Ishmael Kelvin Kellie intimated that, the organization is not receiving financial support from any stakeholders neither any humanitarian organizations, but only members of the organization to undertake its activities. When asked to know the challenges they are faced with in undertaking the feeder road construction as a three months old organization?

Chairman Kellie maintained that, lack of implements and food for the youths among many others are some of the major challenges the organization is faced with adding they use almost five hundred Leones every week to prepare food for the youths in order to keep them active.

He therefore called on stakeholders in the chiefdom and Kono District as a whole to come to their aid by providing the necessary support to the organization and also called on all the youths in the community to come on board in order to contribute to the development of their community.

Emmanuel Bangawo is the organizing chairman of the above named organization when talking to our correspondent he stated that the organization was established three months ago with the primary objective of developing the community for the betterment of all.

He noted that development cannot be achieved by one person but rather individuals in the community.

“Although there are many roads to access Sukudu community, but there are many challenges on those roads that is why we have come together as a team to demarcate and clear those access road in consonant with the deputy town chief”, the organizing Chairman maintained.

When contacted to know his take on the said developmental venture of the aforesaid organization, the deputy town chief of Sukudu Town in Tankoro Chiefdom Mani Komba foremost thanked and appreciated the youths of Sukudu for taking such venture in the community.

Chief Mani Komba further described the activities of the youths as a stepping stone to many developments in the community.

As authority in the community we have secured land for market, schools and hospitals, but access road over the years has been one of the major challenges serving as impediment to seeing some of these facilities in the community, but I believe the activities of the youths this time round will make way for most of these facilities in the community” Chief Mani assured.

He however called on stakeholders in the District especially the mayor of the Koidu New Sembehun City Council his worship Komba Matthew Sam to start considering Sukudu Community in terms of development.

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He therefore assured the organization of his unflinching support at all times



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