After departing Abidjan, Ivory Coast a few days ago, the SH Vega, a tourist ship registered in Panama, has arrived and docked in Freetown.

According to Michael Berewa, who works in the Directorate of Communication of the Office of the President, tourists from the ship will be touring Freetown after the ship docked in the early hours of Friday.

This cruise ship is believed to be the first tourist ship to dock in Freetown, which was recently listed on Time Magazine’s top 100 places to visit this year.

It has been forecasted that the West African nation will receive more visitors this year after the inauguration of a new terminal at the Freetown International Airport.

The SH Vega, which has nine decks and can host 152 guests, made her maiden voyage last July with 120 crew members. During her trips, the ship typically engages in expedition and shore excursions.