The management of Tumac Radio has distanced themselves from a voice note circulating on social media that has the potential to incite violence and cause unrest for the citizens of the nation.

In a press release the management of Tumac radio states;

“It has come to our attention that a voice note, purportedly originating from our media institution, has been circulating on various social media platforms. This voice note contains inflammatory statements that have the potential to incite violence, disseminate false information, and jeopardize the Sierra Leone’s security and harmony. We assure you that we had no involvement in the creation, distribution, or endorsement of this voice note”.

Tumac Radio strictly clings to the principles of responsible journalism, which include accurate reporting, unbiased coverage, and respect for the law. We condemn any form of content that incites hatred, violence, or misleads the public. We are fully aware of the responsibility we bear as a media institution, and we continuously strive to enhance media literacy and promote critical thinking among our audience.

We understand the gravity of the security concerns raised by this voice note. Our primary objective is to maintain the trust and confidence that the public has placed in us as a credible media institution.