It was confirmed that two children Abass Bangura age 3, and Nyuma Dauda of the same age both male have lost their lives in an old septic pit which collapsed with them.
This sad incident occurred at 19 A-Line New England, Nyandeyama section in Kenema.

According to investigation, the pit is said to have collapsed with the children when it could no longer withstand their weights due to substandard materials that were used to build it.
It is said they were playing football, unfortunately the ball went on top of the the pit, upon collecting their ball they collapsed in the pit.

The incident was alarmed by another four years old girl, who went to informed her mother about her brother and his friend’s tragic fall into the pit.

However, several attempts were made to get them out and save their lives, but lack of technical knowhow and equipments, all efforts were futile.

In seeking external support, national fire force was then contacted, but due to the amount of time the boys spent in the pit, the efforts of the Fire Force were not enough to save the two lives. One was already dead by the time he was removed, while the other gave up the ghost during a swift movement to the hospital.

Speaking to the mother of Abass Bangura, she said Abass’ father, Alusine Bangura have traveled on a business trip few weeks ago, while the father of Nyuma Dauda had passed away a few months ago.

“Dauda often leave his house about 40 feet away to come and play with Abbas his friend, today is not the first time but we never saw this tragedy coming and today has marked their end,” she cried.

There are a lot of concerns about the quality of the concrete slab that couldn’t withstand the weights of the kids.