As the Authorities tries to settle the tribal dispute in Falaba district between the Fullahs and the Konos whom have been fighting and killing each other, two Fullah men have recently been caught in possession of dangerous weapons.

The police officers caught them with a gun and bullets and a long dagger.

Mohammed Sillah of the Voice of Kono Radio went to the scene at Masofinja junction and covered the situation.

According to the video, the Police have caught different weapons ranging from gun, cutlass and daggers of different sizes, in the process of settling the dispute.

In the same video, Sillah interrogated the Fullah men where they were going with a gun and a dagger, one of them identified as Mohamed Jalloh explained that they were trying to show the police the gun and bullets they found on top of the late Fullah Woman’s things, who was killed by the konos to revenge their brother who was first killed by one of the Fullahs.

Journalist Sillah answered back and asked them why were they hiding if indeed they had the intention to return or show the police the weapon, and why didn’t they handed it to their chief, then suddenly the other Fullah man cut through and said their chief is not around.

The two Fullah men tried to act smart as they were confidently lying trying to cover their secret agenda. But however, the police acted smarter.

Both Fullahs have been arrested and the police are doing all they can to resolve the matter.