The Deputy Minister of Mines and minerals Resources Umaru Napoleon Koroma, has in a recent statement praised Leone Rock Metal Company for its steadfast dedication to sustainable mining practices and significant investments in modernizing the industry.

He highlighted the company’s rigorous adherence to environmental standards, which has played a pivotal role in minimizing the sector’s ecological footprint.

ESQ Umaru Napoleon Koroma celebrated a significant milestone in Sierra Leone’s mining industry as he witnessed the Leone Rock Metal Company loading iron ore onto their own vessel, the Leone Fortune. He noted that this marks the first instance in over 90 years of mining in Sierra Leone where an iron ore company has acquired its own vessel for transporting ore to the market.

In his words, “I witnessed the loading of iron ore onto the vessel Leone Fortune, purchased and owned by the Leone Rock Metal Company. This is the first time in our 90-plus years of mining in Sierra Leone that an iron ore mining company has bought its own vessel to ship its own ore to the market.

Furthermore, ESQ Koroma pointed out that this development aligns with Leone Rock Mining Lease Agreement, showcasing the company’s dedication to transforming the mining sector. By owning their vessel, they aim to reduce transportation costs, minimize vessel scheduling time, and boost production. Increased production will, in turn, lead to higher exports and more revenue, ultimately benefiting the people of Sierra Leone.

ESQ Umaru Napoleon Koroma also acknowledged that Leone Rock Metal Company, as a leading player in Sierra Leone’s mining industry, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to both economic growth and environmental preservation.

Deputy Minister Koroma’s acknowledgment underscores the pivotal role of private enterprises in driving positive change within the country’s mining sector. He expressed pride in being part of this historic event and encouraged other iron ore mining companies to follow suit in modernizing the mining sector.