The Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Milton Margai Technical University (MMTU), Prof. Philip John Kanu has blasted the ruling Sierra Leone’s People Party (SLPP) for practising tribalism and their inability to rule the nation.

This is according to a leaked audio making rounds on social media.

Prof. Kanu said that SLPP should be ashamed at the way they are proliferating the Mende discussions in public places.

He said that at everywhere walk of life they are propagating the issue of Mendes, adding that has prevented them from doing the right things for the county.

The Vice Chancellor further said that someone in the government told him that he is giving contracts only to Mende contractors.

He said that SLPP should leave office because they do not know how to handle power. He added that they cannot control their trousers, they cannot handle the economy, and they are not hard working, noting that all they care about is women.