The Welfare Society For the Disabled, in collaboration with the SUN DAY Foundation, recently marked the International Day of Persons with Disability at the Pujehun District Council Hall.

This event, held on Sunday, December 3rd, 2023, served as a platform to amplify the voices of persons with disabilities (PWDs) and advocate for tangible actions toward their sustainable development.

A diverse gathering, comprising PWDs, governmental bodies, NGOs, stakeholders, and the press, congregated to address prevalent challenges faced by PWDs in the district.

Grievances about inadequate access to public buildings due to the absence of ramp steps, limited medical access, obstacles for disabled students using educational facilities, employment scarcity, and substandard living conditions were articulated.

In response, governmental bodies, NGOs, and stakeholders vowed their dedication to ameliorating services for PWDs in the Pujehun district. Their collective pledge aimed at fostering inclusivity and elevating the overall quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

Mohamed Sillah, a representative from the Welfare Society for the Disabled, expressed gratitude for the attendees’ emphasis on this critical occasion.

He reiterated the significance of the International Day of Disabled Persons, established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1992.

This day seeks to advocate for the rights and welfare of PWDs across societal dimensions, fostering awareness about their challenges in political, social, economic, and cultural spheres.

Madam Amie Kemokai, the Secretary General for persons with disabilities in the Pujehun district, extended appreciation to the Welfare Society For the Disable and other benefactors for organizing the commemoration. She pledged sustained collaboration and cooperation in the pursuit of a more inclusive society for PWDs.

The event stands as a testament to the unified efforts of various entities, signaling a collective commitment to address the challenges faced by PWDs and foster an environment of inclusivity in Pujehun district.