In a shocking incident that unfolded on Koko Street within the Kabala township, a young woman identified as Fatima Mansaray, just four months and two weeks pregnant, allegedly committed a horrifying act by pouring acid on her husband’s eyes.

The victim, Adam Saccoh, also a resident of Koko Street, is reported to have been traditionally wedded to Fatima Mansaray. The couple’s relationship took a dark turn in the late hours of Friday, August 25, 2023, when Adam returned home from an undisclosed location.

According to Detective Police Constable (D/P.C.-17395) Christiana Fambulleh from the Family Support Unit of the Kabala Division, an argument erupted between the couple, stemming from Fatima’s dissatisfaction with Adam’s explanation for his absence.

Tensions escalated rapidly, culminating in a physical altercation between the couple. The situation took a horrifying twist when a container filled with a suspicious liquid, believed to be acid, was seized by Fatima Mansaray. In a shocking turn of events, she reportedly splashed the corrosive substance onto her husband’s face during the heated altercation.

In a subsequent statement, Fatima Mansaray, now in custody, admitted to having secretly kept the dangerous liquid. Her actions have left her husband, Adam Saccoh, in a critical condition. He was rushed to the Kabala Government Hospital under the escort of a concerned friend for immediate medical attention. As of now, he remains hospitalized for close observation and treatment.

Local law enforcement has taken swift action in response to this distressing incident. Fatima Mansaray has been taken into police custody to facilitate a thorough investigation into the matter.