Straight from Kontri Boss’ “ReBirth” is a breath of fresh air in the form of the track “Nobody Holy,” featuring the dynamic Kass of LXG.

“Nobody Holy, Even the Referee, Even Mum and Daddy,” this love-infused anthem delves into the deceptive facade maintained by numerous young girls, portraying an image of purity when, in reality, they embody the “baddest” spirit.

Nobody Holy is definitely going to be the new catch cruise phrase on the streets. It is a reminder that no one is actually holy, and that we all have our own flaws and imperfections.ย Each line on this tune has a unique message to share, and Kontri Boss delivers his lyrics in a way that is both thought-provoking and entertaining.

Kontri Boss is a surely a talented artist who is sure to make a big impact on the music scene. Listen to “Nobody Holy,” and don’t forget to checkout other songs on the ReBirth album!

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