Sierra Leone opposition party, All People’s Congress (APC) Presidential candidate for 2018 elections, Dr. Samura Kamara has made a retreat with some stakeholders of the party ahead of 2023 election at Tokeh.

On Saturday the 12th of June 2021, at an occasion graced by some of the most respected, influential and senior members of the APC, Dr Samura Wilson Kamara, the APC Presidential candidate for 2018, and by far the favourite to lead the APC to victory in 2023, marked an ostensible bid to be the APC flag bearer, come 2023 general elections.

Thanking his guests for their support in 2018, and their continuing backing for 2023, Dr Samura, as he’s affectionately known, impelled the party membership to show unity for the sake of Mama Salone.
He furthered that, although he’s inclined to believe that those party members who have taken the APC to court have the party at heart, their actions will not benefit the majority of Sierra Leoneans, who have repeatedly made a clarion call for a unified APC, as the only plausible option for ensuring that the failed SLPP government is removed from office, come 2023, so that Sierra Leone may be returned to economic growth, stability.

He affirmed that it is only by returning the APC to power that Sierra Leoneans may once more enjoy the democracy for which the APC government of Dr Ernest Bai Koroma worked so hard, and which has since suffered terrible regression under the current SLPP government.

Dr Samura, who, like Dr Ernest Bai Koroma, has a huge and loyal following of admirers both amongst the party grassroots and elite, addressed the need to consult and inform the grassroots of the APC in every step of the way, if we’re to win the 2023 elections.

He extolled the grassroots of the APC to have faith and not be discouraged by any internal power struggles; noting that we are all one big family, and come 2023 we will rally round an elected candidate.
“Family tick kin ben, but e nor dae broke”.
In their response, several high-profile attendees praised the Dr Samura team for having stayed together since the 2018 elections.

It was also widely agreed that Dr Samura was the nation’s safest bet to rid itself of the SLPP malaise come 2023, as he’s already marketed and remain hugely popular in every corner of the nation, the sub region and within the confines of the international community.
The Dr Samura flag bearer campaign team were urged to get started on the urgent task of rebranding and re-energising their candidacy for 2023.

In his closing, Dr Samura Wilson Kamara thanked guests for their continuing loyalty, and reiterated that he would not allow the nation to again be robbed of what was widely believed to be a 2018 APC victory.
He urged the younger generation of APC supporters to continue with their uncompromising
challenge to the many failures of the SLPP government.

The retreat ended in peace and camaraderie, with many commending the team for a momentous and productive occasion, which they hope will be the first of many.