Traders that are doing business in Abacha Street and other places in Freetown are in deep anguish as a result of the demolition of their market stalls by Security Forces.

The factual reason for the demolition is not known to this press but information gathered from the ground reveals that the action was precipitated based on an intelligence received by the Security Forces that the said traders fully participated in the protest on Wednesday 10th August, 2022 which led to the loss of lives of Police officers and Civilians.

Speaking to Voice of Salone Newspaper, one of the affected Traders, Mariama Conteh, expressed her frustration and described the action of the security forces to demolish their market stalls as unacceptable, revealing that due to this unprecedented action she suffered a great loss in her business.

She also denied being part and parcel of the Wednesday protest which was claimed is the reason for demolishing of their market stalls. She said during that day she went home early. “I went home early on Wednesday because I was not feeling bright.I didn’t took part in that protest “, she maintains, adding that she is surprised that the Security forces has caused her goods to be missing and this has really frustrated her to think where it is going to start all over again.

Abu Bakarr Kallon, a trader doing business at Garrison Street, who is also affected expressed his frustration over the action of the Security forces stating how the latter’s acted Ultra Vires of the law.

According to him, the Security force had never engaged nor dialogue with them before taking that drastic action. Based on the action, he said most of their goods got missing and when they asked the youth that are protecting the said goods at night they told them they were attacked by Security forces.

Fatu Kamara-a single mother who is also affected expressed her anger saying that they were expecting the Security forces to engage them before taking action