In an interview with Africa Young Voices (AYV), Honourable Abdul Kargbo, the All People’s Congress (APC) parliamentary representative, refuted rumors that the popular figure Adebayor is affiliated with their party.

When asked by presenter Phebean Swill about the rumors of a planned protest next week and Adebayor’s alleged involvement with the APC, Honourable Kargbo remarked that, while he might typically redirect such questions, he felt compelled to address them.

He noted that he had served as the Secretary of the All People’s Congress for over nine months and had led the party to the National Delegate Conference, where Dr. Samura Kamara was confirmed as their flag bearer.

Honourable Kargbo stated that he had reviewed the entire party register, and the name mentioned by the presenter was not included. Furthermore, the APC had issued an official statement confirming that Adebayor is not a member of the party.

He emphasized that the party had reiterated this stance multiple times, expressing concern over the continued association of Adebayor with the APC despite the official denial.