Ambassador Abu, a Sierra Leonean youth advocate and progressive residing in the United States, recently posted a video on social media urging Samura Kamara, the flagbearer of the All People’s Congress (APC) party, to publicly disassociate himself and his campaign from a notorious social media figure, called Adebayor.

In the video addressed to Sierra Leoneans ahead of Mothers Days, Ambassador Abu emphasized that Samura Kamara, as a presidential aspirant for the upcoming June 24th, 2023 election and a man of order, has a responsibility to show what he stands for.

“You are very aware of what is going on in the country and how said. one of your known members, who has degraded demeaned, dismantled and destroyed the image of our Queens, our Princesses, our mothers, our sisters and daughters, and you know this individual very well, he is a known member of your political party,” Abu said.

He called attention to the fact that Adebayor, a known member of the APC party, has been relentlessly attacking Sierra Leonean women for the past five years, and that Kamara must denounce him and dissociate himself and his party from such behavior.

Ambassador Abu stressed that the APC Presendential candidate has a duty to demonstrate to the world that he does not condone disrespect towards the women of Sierra Leone. He urged him to take every possible step to ensure that Adebayor is not associated with the APC party, which he leads.

“It is your soul duty to publicly denounce and dissociate yourself from everything that has to do with Adebayor,” he said.

Abu further emphasized that Adebayor has even gone as far as to call for the death of Sierra Leonean women and security officers.

He then gave Samura Kamara a 24-hour ultimatum to publicly denounce Adebayor and dissociate himself and his party from such behavior, stating that as a leader, he must set an example and take a strong stand against anyone or anything that brings disrespect to the nation, especially towards women.

Ambassador Abu concluded his message by wishing the women of Sierra Leone a blessed Mother’s Day.

“To the Queens, princesses, mother, sisters and daughter of Sierra Leone. I wish you all a blessed Mother’s Day. You are loved and cherished,” he stated.