The Mayor of Freetown, Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr has this morning shared her deep concern about the devastating state of the Aberdeen Creek.

She raised these concerns in a heartfelt post on social media.

According to the Mayor, a morning walk led her to witness a distressing scene of mangrove destruction, a direct consequence of unchecked building construction encroaching into the creek.

The mayor’s message resonates with urgency, as she underscores the alarming rate at which these invaluable mangroves are disappearing.

She noted that the impact is far-reaching, as the delicate balance of Freetown’s ecosystems is disrupted, leaving the city susceptible to increased flooding risks.

Furthermore, the decline in fish population due to the destruction of mangroves threatens both the local fishing industry and the overall biodiversity of the region.

While Mayor Aki-Sawyerr speaks from her position as a concerned resident and dedicated climate change activist, she emphasizes that the responsibility for addressing this critical issue does not fall under the jurisdiction of local councils. Land use planning and building permit issuance are not within their purview.