Famous  Sierra Leonean Scientist Dr Alhaji Njai has offered special  prayers for the  struggling Sierra Leonean masses after observing his Jumah Prayers.

Before offering the special prayers, Dr Njai expresses thanks and appreciation to Allah(God) for good health and strength to continue on this journey of life.

Dr Injai implores the Almighty for his divine intervention considering challenges Sierra Leoneans are enduring on a daily basis. He stated “I pray that Allah brings relief to our suffering masses in Sierra Leone and help switch the direction of the state of affairs. For 60 years we have suffered and held as hostages in our country. For 60 years, we the people have loved our hostage takers and keep maintaining the status quo.”

Dr Injai  who is popularly know known as the the people’s Scientist further beseech God that he hope and pray on the said Friday that  the people and their hostage takers will begin to put nation first and work harder to take them out of their deplorable condition.

He confirms that today, Sierra Leone has no electricity, no water supply, scarcity of fuel, and prices of basic commodities are skyrocketing without corresponding increase in salaries/wages of workers. And the worst thing about it is that we are in a state of denial and have normalized the mediocrity, deplorable state of living conditions and the daily structural violence with HOW FOR DO.. NAH FOR MANAGE.”(What are suppose to do? we just have to manage)

He concluded by further seeking divine intervention, that Allah gives the people and Sierra Leone Leaders the strength to overcome “Nah for manage and partisan laybelleh” politics with proactive transformational steps to change the trajectory of affairs now pointing towards a failed state to one of success.

As a Patriot, Dr Injai believes Sierra Leone is  for the people and the Green, White and Blue is too mighty to fail.