Creating a positive impact in the financial sector, Orange Money has launched “Improved Access to Digital Financial Services”.

The event took place on Wednesday 30th November 2022 at Orange head office, hill station in Freetown.

In his comprehensive statement, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Orange Money David Mansaray said they went into partnership with Mosabi and Empire Solution to bid for $150,000 from the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF).

The objective of the bid was to promote financial literacy expand access to finance and recruit and train female agents which were successfully achieved.

” We had shared responsibilities among the three of us, Mosabi was responsible for financial literacy, Empire Solution was responsible to model the products so that the customers will be able to access their service and orange money was responsible to recruit and train agents”, he said.

He furthered that over 1000 customers were trained on financial literacy to improve and customers were able to access loan facilities with the use of Orange facilities and they were able to make informed decisions which were also achieved.

He maintained that Access to Credit facilities was the other objective, and Empire Solution was the driving force and 500 customers were able to access those loans.

This year alone 57000 was able to access the credit loan facility and 3.5 million dollars were credited, empire solution was in charge of the said object.

Recruiting female agents was another key objective of the said project and more than 2000 female agents were recruited in one year. The female recruits make 955 leones monthly. He thanked UNCDF, Empire Solution and Mosabi, the Central Bank of Sierra Leone for its support of the project, and above all the customers who are the key players in actualizing the said project and making the Orange Money dream to reality.

Other vital contributions were made by various stakeholders including the representative from UNCDF, Central Bank of Sierra Leone in the same sentiment as the Orange Money CEO.