Prominent housemate, Almon Sall has expressed his opinion about the famous Sierra Leonean Couples Innocent Kuti and Adama Kuti George.

He started by describing Adama Kuti George as somebody who’s friendly and hospitable. She added that Innocent Kuti’s wife Adama, doesn’t need to much about someone before accepting a person into their circle. He further pointed out that the moment one has a connection with her husband then she would consider the person as part of their family.

He confirms that though the couples are yet to have children but they are doing fine in London. He further asserted that sometimes most men go in search of well educated women but he believes that Adama is the type of woman any man can rely on for personal growth.

Almon further expresses admiration for Innocent Kuti Sticking with his Kissy People all the time. He reveals that despite his to and fro in Sierra Leone, the artist has always been living at Kissy, Freetown.

The Singer Innocent Kuti had once posted on his music page describing his beautiful queen as his wife, friend, inspiration and Mother. He revealed that without her, he wonder what life would have been for him because she believed in him when no one else did.

Meanwhile, it’s not quite normal in our society to notice that someone keeps up to his best and consistency for over a decade in Sierra Leone . This Scenario fits in any field, especially in music. Innocent Kuti as an artiste , Musician, songwriter, soundengineer poet and emcee has beats all the odds in two successive decades.