With a broken minds and pain the hearts of the bereaved family of Ransford and the AYV Media Empire, the Chief Executive Office Anthony Navo Jr has on yesterday 1st June 2022 tendered his heartfelt condolences to both families of late Ransford Suruda Lube-Metzger Jr.

The news of this sudden and sadden death of Ransford was first announced by Sierraloaded.ย  According to Sierraloaded report, It claimed that Ransford died after a brief illness on Tuesday. During his illness, the vibrant Journalist was was admitted at the Choitram Hospital in Freetown before his demise.

With pain and sorrow in the heart of the CEO of AYV, Navo Jr. who has just lost one of his best news reporter, he took to his Facebook pages and expressed his condolences to the families and went on to disclose the impacts Ransford has created at his time working with him. At the concluding part of his short talk, he craved that the family of Ransford accept their sincere sympathy for their loss.

On his own very words he wrote:

“We shall miss Ransford Suruda Lube-Metzger Jr. greatly. Ransford Suruda Lube-Metzger Jr. was held in the highest regard by his colleagues and by many others with whom he worked in his professional life as a journalist. He set an example that will continue to be an inspiration to us all. Please let the family accept our sincere sympathy for their loss.

Our prayers are with you.”