The American Ambassador  to Sierra Leone, Bryan David Hunt has come under criticism following his  interview on Radio Democracy (FM 98.1) on Thursday, May 9, 2024, in Freetown about the possibility of a re-run election in Sierra Leone .

Ambassador Hunt opinion  has sparked discussions and conversations among Sierra Leoneans and other concerned persons inside and outside of Sierra Leone on the issue of the feasibility or non-feasibility of a rerun of the June 2023 elections, including runoff or fresh elections.

A critic of the said statement is the APC Chairman of the Western Region Kasho J Holland- Cole, who accused the Ambassador of Killing democracy in Sierra Leone.

In the said interview, excerpt from the Amb. statement encapsulates  “The timeframe in which the electoral results could be challenged in court has long expired.“. The Ambassador further went on to say, I don’t think talking about invalidating results or a rerun of the election is helpful because it’s not realistic,

In a recent Facebook post,  Chairman Kasho reacted “The US Ambassador to Sierra Leone is one of those who have killed Democracy in Sierra Leone, that statement on 98.1 rendered the work of the TRIPARTITE COMMITTEE useless, will the US accept an election outcome without the correct result been read and published, the blood of those who were killed because of Democracy is on his head. Kasho J Holland-Cole APC Regional Chairman West Region,

There has been mix reactions amongst Sierra over the Ambassador’s statement as at first hearing, one may be tempted to say that the American Ambassador’s assertion on the non-feasibility of rerun elections for the June 2023 elections in Sierra Leone is flawed. But upon further reflection, one would not totally dismiss every bit of the Ambassador’s comments.