Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs has appointed Mr. Kasho J. Holland-Cole as the Chairman of the National Taskforce on Drugs and Substance Abuse. This appointment underscores the government’s commitment to addressing drug-related challenges within the Western Area Rural District and across the nation.

In an official letter signed by Hon. Amb. Tamba Lamina, Minister of Local Government and Community Affairs, Mr. Holland-Cole, who currently serves as the Chairman of the Western Area Rural District Council for APC, has been entrusted with the leadership role due to his prominent position and influence in the community. The letter highlights the Ministry’s role as the Pillar Lead for Community Engagement on the National Task Force, emphasizing its focus on the KUSH epidemic, a potent drug that has devastated many communities in Sierra Leone.

As the new Chairman, Mr. Holland-Cole will be responsible for managing and coordinating the resources necessary for the Taskforce’s response to the drug crisis. This includes overseeing human, financial, and asset resources dedicated to combating KUSH and other substances in his district. The collaborative nature of this initiative is evident as Mr. Holland-Cole will work alongside the City Mayor, who will serve as the Co-Chair, and the District Medical Officer (DMO), who will act as the Deputy Chair. Together, this team is tasked with the operations and management of the Taskforce’s response in the Western Area Rural District.

The appointment letter encourages the team to work synergistically to deliver on their mandate effectively. The Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs has also provided a Terms of Reference (TOR) to guide the newly appointed Chairman and his team in executing their duties.

This strategic appointment is part of a broader governmental effort to mitigate the effects of drug abuse and provide a structured response to the growing crisis. The inclusion of local leaders like Mr. Holland-Cole is a testament to the government’s recognition of the importance of community-led initiatives in tackling public health issues.

Mr. Holland-Cole’s leadership is anticipated to bring a renewed focus and energy to the fight against drug abuse in the Western Area Rural District, providing a beacon of hope for affected communities and reinforcing the government’s commitment to creating a safer, healthier environment for all citizens.