Honourable Osman Timbo has described the All peoples Congress Party New Constitution as Democratic. He made this statement in an interview with Radio  democracy serving as an invited guest in the good morning Salone Programme . He confirms that the new constitution  is a welcome news for the party and  for Sierra Leoneans.

Timbo further reveals  that he was part of the Committee that was set up in 2018 to review the 1995 APC constitution. The honourable further describes the completion of the process as a huge load they have removed on their heads.

When responding to questions  as to whether the new Party Constitution is Democratic, Lawyer Timbo reveals that the new constitution  is democratic. However,  he clarifies that there’s no perfect constitution. He asserted that the creation of a constitution depends on certain indicators like the circumstances that surrounds the constitution, time and other factors. He believes that because democracy is  moving , then the to review the  APC 1995 Constitution IS Justifiable.

He pointed that the  need for a new constitution was not a new idea. He recalls  that there was a time when people were requesting for the deletion of  the part of the 1995 constitution which deals with the selection clause and  he confirms that the said section has been deleted e. He further pointed out  that elections will be conducted at local, general and presidential election.

Lawyer Timbo describes the constitution as explicitly clear on how to vote and contest for positions. He confirms that chapter 6 of the new constitution deals with election and  it creates opportunity for members of the party  to contest for elections as long as they meet the basic requirement whether young, old or disable.

He clarifies that all party Official s, local or general election candidates aspiring for positions in the party has to be elected  one way or the other.

He confirms that they have completed the PPRC stage and now the constitution has become official. He referenced a recent press release issued by the party on Friday informing the public about the adoption of this new constitution, and very soon  they will formally present it  to the public