Kenema District Council (KDC) Chairman of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), Moriba Koroma has discouraged his people from voting for APC (All Peoples Congress) politicians who he referred to as ‘Satan’.

“APC is not good for themselves no to talk for the people of Sierra Leone,” Koroma told his supporters.

He made the statement during the opening of Constituency 021 office in the eastern district of Kenema.

The few people who used to vote for APC in Kenema, he said, would be prevented this time as SLPP would not go for a runoff, but needed 100% votes.

“APC abandoned Kenema district during their 11-year rule. Kenema city streets were abandoned until now when President Bio is trying to pave them,” he said.

The KDC Chairman made specific reference to President Siaka Stevens who, he accused of brutalizing and killing the people and also brought the rebel war in Sierra Leone.

“Voting for the APC in 2023 is like signing your death,” he said.

He urged women, youth, and others to massively register in September 2022, and vote for no runoff saying we should not tolerate the enemies (APC). He called on the people of Kenema to run away when they see APC politicians who he referred to as ‘COBRA.’

“The people will have themselves to blame if they follow APC,” he cautioned his Kenema people.

He reminded the people that the education they are seeing today was done by the SLPP adding that APC did not encourage education.

He said people would not have shouted for APC if their hands had been chopped off. He therefore admonished the young ones to vote for SLPP and President Bio for no run-off.

The Chairman also urged constituency 021 executives, youth wings and other stakeholders to urge their people to register saying SLPP is the only party that provide quality leadership in Sierra Leone.

Koroma stated that the executives had a very huge task of mobilizing their people to register as well as respect their leaders.

“Preach the gospel to the people to register,” he urged. Chairman Koroma also condemned those using the petrol hikes as political propaganda. He called on SLPP to dispel the propaganda.

He said Kenema district should take SLPP as their religion saying it is only SLPP will develop Kenema.