Since the publication of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) reports into corruption and mismanagement of public assets by former APC government ministers and officials, and the ensuing Court hearings, questions have been asked about whether the government of president Bio is serious about ensuring that those found wanting for corruption will pay restitution.

Yesterday, the office of the Attorney General published a notice to inform the public that the properties of some high-profile former ministers will now be confiscated.

This is what the notice says:


“The Implementing Team of the Commission of Inquiry White Paper has on Wednesday 28th July 2021 started with the issuing of Notice of Confiscation/Forfeiture, pursuant to an Order of the Government White Paper as endorsed by the Honorable Justice Simeon Alieu, published in the Sierra Leone Gazette Extraordinary No. 26 Vol. CXLXII dated Monday 24th May, 2021, on the reports of Sole Commissioner/Justice Bankole Thompson.

“These properties which are confiscated and vested in the State, six of them are in the Western Area, two in Makeni, Bombali District, North-Eastern Province and one in Koidu, New Sembehun City, Kono District, in the Eastern Province and are belongings to Leonard Balogun Koroma, Momoh Conteh, Abdul Ignosis Koroma, Dr Minkailu Bah and Hilal Toufic Kange.

“According to the notice, any person who is in possession of or in occupation of this premises is required on or before the expiration of fourteen days as of the date of these notices, to vacate the premises and hand over keys to the Office of the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, or the Inspector General of Police.”

But critics are reminding the government of its promise to confiscate the assets of over 30 former government ministers and officials, though the list of those names have not been published.