The man called Umaru Napoleon Koroma Esq who is the National Secretary General of the governing Sierra Leone Peoples Party, a master strategist, has managed to slam the door of any hope that was there, on the face of the main opposition All People’s party.

APC was clinging on two hopes: lies and black propaganda and mammy cusses but the brilliant Sec Gen has succeeded in neutralizing all of those through his gentlemanly approach and forthrightness.

To win back the District Council Chairmanship of Koinadugu District which became vacant due to the death of the former Chairman, APC went haywire by making fake claims about the hardship it said exists in the country but APC was to get its comeuppance when Koinadugu voters decided to school the APC liers on the achievements of the governing SLPP.

A farmer in the district pointed to his farm and told the APC campaigners that he is a hard working man not waiting for government to physically put food on his table.

The same farmer told the APC guys that now Koinadugu enjoys the use of tractors and very soon the district will be perfectly lit as everything isvnow in place for 24/7 light in that district.

Everywhere APC went poky pies were thrown on its ruddy face increasing its blushes and shame and embarrassment.

A man who owns 27 schools in the district was to ask the shameless APC campaigners how many of those schools that APC approved throughout its failed 11 years in office.

No answer but the man said: “The New Direction government has approved all of them and I shall be voting for a serious government not an opposition that never offered this district anything”. To rub salt to the raw wound of APC, the man also praised the New Direction government for approving all trained and qualified teachers in the district which the APC failed to do in its 11 years in governance.

At Thunder Hill, a place of affluence in the centre of Kabala, a businessman was to ask the APC campaigners what they ever did for the district that would warrant him to vote again for the APC.

No answer because none exists.

At Lagoonda, the same rejection met APC. Majority of those who live in that Kabala area, brandished their voter ID cards and said that those were what they were going to use to teach APC a bitter lesson in that district.

Nieni Chiefdom dwellers said that APC will be beaten like Judas coming Saturday which is election day in the district.

Umaru Napoleon Koroma Esq who hails from that district has done the magic by traversing every nook and cranny of the district educating the people on the reason why they must now give SLPP the opportunity to add to the gains the governing party has already made in the district.

On final Rally Day past Wednesday, the ruling SLPP supporters came out in their thousands to show Kabala that APC’s coffin is finally nailed in that district forever.

National Chairman of the ruling SLPP, Dr Prince Alex Harding was there to give his support. Other top SLPP members were also there.

APC is rallying today Thursday with just a silly aim to fatten the pig on the market day which will prove to be a futile effort.

At the end it will be SLPP 2 APC 0 in its once strongholds of Falaba and Koinadugu. Indeed the bad works of APC have now come to haunt it.