Towards deepening ties between Sweden and Sierra Leone, a new Consulate was inaugurated on Tuesday, May 7th, 2024, in western Freetown. The event was marked by a brief ceremony attended by key dignitaries from both nations.

The opening of the Consulate was hailed by Sierra Leone’s Foreign Ministry Director General, Ambassador Victoria Sulimani, as a testament to the flourishing bilateral relations nurtured over the years. She emphasized the Consulate’s role in further solidifying the bond between the two countries.

Harish Agnani, appointed as Sweden’s Honorary Consul, will now assume a dual responsibility, also serving as the Consul for Norway. Expressing gratitude for the trust placed in him, Agnani acknowledged the pivotal support extended by Sierra Leone’s Foreign Minister and the Swedish Ambassador to Sierra Leone and Liberia, Urban Sjostrom.

Addressing the gathering, Agnani pledged to uphold and promote the shared values and interests defining the relationship between Sweden and Sierra Leone. He affirmed his dedication to fostering mutual objectives and ensuring successful collaborations marked by enduring friendship.

Ambassador Sjostrom echoed Agnani’s sentiments, expressing his excitement over the establishment of the Swedish Honorary Consulate in Freetown. He underscored the Consulate’s significance as evidence of the longstanding relations between the two nations and emphasized the potential for mutual prosperity through strategic cooperation.

Reflecting on the historical trajectory of bilateral ties, Ambassador Sulimani recalled the impetus gained in the 1980s when Sweden initiated its in-country cooperation program in Sierra Leone. She highlighted Sweden’s impactful support in areas such as education and health, citing examples of its contribution to the empowerment of women, girls, and human capital development.

The Ambassador reminisced about Sweden’s pivotal role in facilitating the return of half a million children to school in the early 2000s, underscoring the tangible benefits accrued by Sierra Leoneans from Swedish cooperation.

Concluding her remarks, Ambassador Sulimani emphasized the establishment of the Swedish Consulate as a watershed moment in bilateral relations, envisaging it as a catalyst for further strengthening ties to the mutual benefit of both nations.

The inauguration of the Swedish Consulate in Freetown heralds a new chapter in the longstanding partnership between Sweden and Sierra Leone, promising increased collaboration and shared prosperity in the years to come.