Some APC Supporters in Kenema District have voiced their concern with regards the conduct of the party’s lower-level elections in Kenema District.

The district party members point finger at one Prince Kamara who they allege to have been orchestrating malfeasance in the said elections in the district.

Speaking to the press, one of the aggrieved members, Lansana Loppo alleged that Kamara had stage managed the entire electioneering process. Loppo, who is a retired military officer, said he is the best candidate in the district but that activities of Kamara in the lower-level elections have hampered his hope for the party in the district.

He said that he has reported the matter to the party elders but is yet to get a positive response from them.

The court, in late January, granted permission to the APC to continue their lower-level elections after the stipulated date had elapsed.

The Political Parties Regulation Commission (PPRC), after investigation, found out that some the party’s lower level elections were marred with fraud and violence. These findings forced the Commission to order the party’s interim electoral commission to conduct a rerun in several petitioned constituencies.

The APC is the country’s largest opposition party in the country and final preparations are ongoing for the June 24 elections this year.

Kenema District is a stronghold of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and the APC are looking to get as many votes they could from the eastern district.