During the commissioning of the Newly Constructed Bamoi Police Station in Kambia, the Vice President of Sierra Leone Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh on Tuesday 20 December 2022, assured Police Officers that President Bio New Direction Government is set to increase salaries for Security Personnel by 100% in 2023.

In his Keynote address, VP Juldeh Jalloh expressed that since 2018, the New Direction Government has been increasing salaries for security personnel by more than 25% every year. He assured that the Bio Administration is constantly committed to increasing the salaries of security personnel to improve their condition of service.

Vice President Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh also intimated to the locals of Bamoi that since the Bio Administration took over governance in 2018, the condition of service for security personnel has been fashionably improved across the country. He said in just four years of President Bio’s leadership, the condition of service for security personnel has improved more than in the past twenty years.

Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh acknowledged the laudable contributions from all the stakeholders in Bamoi which brought the construction of the Bunoi Police Station into Fruition.

He added that most often people fail to understand the importance of a Police Station for a particular locality. He edified that the only houses that have the same importance as Police Stations are mosques and Churches. He acknowledged that the Church and Mosque belong to the community likewise the police station. He, therefore, called on the locals of Bamoi to look over and take good care of the police station as part of their moral responsibilities.

Vice President Juldeh Jalloh also sent strongly worded advice that at any given time people choose to burn down Police stations. He said such action of burning down Police Stations has little or no inimical effect on the government or the police officers themselves. He said it is the very community people who blindly chose to burn the police station that suffers.

He emphasized the importance of Bamoi as a hub for business and the business activities are happening because of peace and security adding that the continuation of such peaceful business activities requires adequate security presence.

“So this police station is very important to Bamoi because whenever people think about Bamoi, they regard it as a community with security and trade activities, Therefore, I want the people of Bamoi to look after this police station and let them know that this police Station is not for government but for promotion of peace and security for the People of Bamoi. The inspector General of Police has promised to increase more security presence”, he said.

On his part, the Chief Executive Officer of the Sierra Leone Police IGP William Fayia Sellu disclosed that the establishment of the Bamoi Police Station started far back in 2017 without completion. He, therefore, intimated to the people of Bimoi that in just a few months of his appointment as the Inspector General of Police, he prioritized the construction of the station which has been translated into the commissioning of the Police Station.

IG Fayia Sellu also informed the gathering that Vice President Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh was very passionate about the construction of the Bamoi Police Station.

He reminded the people of Bamoi that the work of Police Officers is to provide adequate security for the people of Sierra Leone adding that, the construction of the Bamoi Police Station is just a testament to their commitment to providing unhindered security for the people of Sierra Leone.
As a way of facilitating mobility for the Bamoi Police Station.

The Inspector General of Police gave glad tidings to the Police Officers that they bought two motorbikes for the police station He assured them that in the next couple of days, the Bamoi Police Station would be provided with a vehicle.

The Inspector General of Police also craves the indulgence of the locals in Bamoi to continue working with the Sierra Leone Police in terms of crime management and prevention.

He reiterated the porous border crossing issue raised by the Paramount Chief and therefore, allay the fear of the Paramount Chief that adequate security presence would be dispatched in those porous border crossing points. He assured me that he has Bamoi closest to his heart and that he would try his very best in increasing security for the locals of Bamoi.

In his Welcome address, the Paramount Chief of Gbinleh Chiefdom Lansana Fofabah intimated to the Vice President and the IGP that the collective involvement of the Bamoi stakeholders, business people, Motor Drivers Union, and the Bike Riders Union, manifested in the timely construction of the New Bamoi Police Station. He assured the Vice President and the IGP that they would take good care of the hospital as community people. He also appealed to the government to increase the logistical support for the police in Kambia District for efficacious policing.