The All People’s Congress APC party has issued a press release with regard to the just concluded voter registration ahead of the 2023 general elections.

The press statement starts by thanking Sierra Leoneans, ECSL, government institutions, and their Interim District Chairperson.

It also states the support received from different individuals and groups within the country and beyond.

“Today being the last day of the National Voter Registration Process, let me use this opportunity to thank all Sierra Leoneans, the ECSL, and other Government Institutions, but most especially, I MUST SAY a special THANK YOU to our Interim District Chairpersons and our loyal registration agents across the country who worked tirelessly to ensure we have a peaceful National Voter Registration process.

This effort would not have been possible for our party without the financial and logistical support from our loyal members and supporters across the globe.
The APC ITGC officially received NLe 110,500 plus 500 megaphones and 10 bags of rice from the following individuals:
Mr. Balogoun Logus Koroma . . . . . . 200 Megaphones
Mr. Dauda Black Kamara. 200 Megaphones
Anonymous Donor . . . 100 Megaphones
Mr. Momoh Flee (SUNRISE NETWORK). 10 Bags of rice
Mr. Momoh Flee (SUNRISE NETWORK). NLe 5,000
Sorie Tarawally Esq. (Interim Chr USA Branch). NLe 15,000
Alhaji Chief Sedique Samsuma. . . . . NLe 80,000
Dr.Nanah (USA). NLe 1,500
Mr. Ibraham Lakoh (USA). NLe 3,000
Mr. Mahoney . . . NLe 1,000
Hon. Seray. Dumbuya (Port Loko Mobilization/Registration Group) NLe 5,000.
Once again, THANK YOU.

While the National Voter Registration was ongoing, the committee was working in the background to ensure we meet the court-directed orders.
The ITGC outlined its court-mandated tasks into I I major segments, and we are pleased to inform the house that we have completed over 50% of those tasks within our control on time. Others are partially completed, and we are working assiduously to ensure the remaining task given to us by the court are meted within the shortest possible time.

Comrades all members of the fourth estate, it is my pleasure to inform you all that while working across the country to ensure the voter registration process was fully monitored, the ITGC embarked on a countrywide tour that specifically focuses on restoring hope to our members across the country that the All People’s Congress party is in full preparedness to take power come 2023 and to encourage our supporters, especially those in the strongholds of the ruling government to come out and register massively to ensure our victory come 2023. Comrades all, it was deliberate that our countrywide tour started in the Southern and Eastern Regions of the country.

You will agree with me that our members in areas like Kailahun, Kenema, Pujehun, Bo, and Moyamba are challenged in diverse ways to freely express their association with our party. It is incumbent on all of us not only ITGC members to always prioritize those areas. With this countrywide tour in the East and Southern parts of the country, we were able to successfully bring back most of our supporters who were in hiding or were angry with the party for one reason or the other. Today, I can proudly state here that most of our members who went to join other parties are back home to their natural habitat red and ready.

Comrades all, let me use this opportunity to kindly inform you all that we have submitted the names of people that will be serving in the Transitional Interim Independent Election Management Committee (TIIEMC). Again, we are on the verge to transform this party into a modern-day democracy. You all may have heard about the ruling of the PPRC regarding the conduct of our party’s lower-level elections that will lead us to our national delegate conference. These rules were drafted to guide us on the conduct of our lower-level elections, and let me hasten to say we shall soon announce dates for the conduct of these elections.

The good news we want to share with you regarding the process leading up to the conduct of these elections is: all those with issues relating to registration with the party shall be addressed before the conduct of this election, there will be a reregistration of membership of our members and a compulsory verification of the 63,000 plus membership cards that were issued to our members but do not reflect on the database of the PPRC. Just after the completion of the verification and reregistration, we shall now announce dates for the conduct of the lower-level elections that starts from the ward, constituency, district, regions, and the national delegate conference.

I must clarify that the interim district chairmen/persons shall continue with their duties and responsibilities tasked to them by the ITGC. In that regard, all correspondence and activities regarding the APC party at the district level must be directed to these district chairmen.

One of the historic milestones of the ITGC is the resolving Of all unresolved membership disputes within the APC party as so directed by His Lordship Adrian Fisher J. on the 28th of April 2022. This action of resolving all unresolved membership issues has opened up the party to its real image as the All People’s Congress party. At this juncture, let me call on all loyal members Of this party to welcome and embrace all our members that are now having the free will to return to their party again.

The APC party further emphasized that our focus as a responsible party and a government in waiting is to be in readiness to engage the government in constructive dialogue on the trending political issues and the nation’s stability; to prepare interested citizens, supporters, and existing members of our party for the upcoming intra party registration in participation for the forthcoming lower level elections.

As I conclude, I want to encourage and urged all our members, supporters, and sympathizers of the APC party to be law abiding and remain focused on the bigger picture to bring back our party to power come 2023”.