In what could be described as a political revenge or reward for neglect, there are indications that Diana, Logus and Karamoh and the APC visiting team may not meet what they expect in the city of Kono today.

Sources have told Sierraloaded that the Motor Drivers Union president and Bike Riders president, in Kono, have received Le3m and Le1.2m respectively from the organizers of the APC home coming rally of Diana Konomanyi Kabba and Logus Balogun Koroma. Each youth is also given Le30,000 to put on the APC T-shirt and Le60,000 to attend the meeting at Fachima hall at the Community Center in Koidu City.

It was  gathered that other youths who will meet the entourage at Bumpe at around 4: 00 pm in the evening of the arrival of the delegation from Freetown will receive additional remuneration.

Our sources also said that Mrs. Diana Konomanyi Kabba has ordered every Chiefdom in Kono district to send 25 people to Koidu Town to welcome them. Diana reportedly told the Chiefs that whoever fails to follow her order will be dealt with seriously adding that Kono Paramount Chiefs, the police, the youths are in her pocket.

A popular quote states that “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. This seem to be the case of Madam Diana Konomanyi Kabba who may be made to face the worst disappointment of her life today.

APC sources in Kono has told Sierraloaded that Diana is no body; that the party regard her as a sniffer dog to do the biddings and serve the purpose – intimacy – gratification of the failed and corrupt president.

Dr. Keifala Marah, Minister for Finance who will also be accompanying the team may also be made to face his Waterloo.

It was confirmed that Mr. Marah was born in Kono where he went to school. By the dictates of the Laws Mr. Marah is a Kono, but he has failed to take his proper place among his people and cater for their interest. Thus, he will not be welcomed.

Sources said Marah has been controlled by Diana stating that it was Diana that made him disburse the development funds for Kono.

Following Mr. Marah’s absence from the district a lot as gone wrong. He has not shown any interest in the district during those perilous times., the source further told Sierraloaded.

Though vehicles have been hired from Makeni to transport people to beef up the number of singing fans for Diana, Logus, Karamoh and Keifala Marah, Inside APC sources has told Sierraloaded that the visiting team will be shocked by what they will see.

In a statement made available to Sierraloaded by a group of APC Youths who masterminded the plans, the following are contained

“We are very vigilant and stand on our ground never to welcome Diana, Logus and Karamoh together with their paymaster EBK who thinks Konos don’t worth anything.”

Kono like any other district, tribe or people have freedom of choice. The laws of Sierra Leone do not require a Minister to force anyone to leave their work and welcome a Minister or the president.

“In Sierra Leone we welcome and embrace Ministers and the president has a tradition and good gesture to show the amount of respect we have for our leaders. But under president Koroma this tradition and good gesture are long dead and buried because the president and his men do not respect Konos. They cannot therefore expect Konos to respect them.

“Respect is not gain but earned and it is two way system, when you respect people they will respect you too. In the case of president Koroma and Kono respect is cat and mouse game if you don’t give you don’t expect.”