Sierra Leone’s Executive Secretary of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), Mr. Mohamed Sheshu Sheriff, has called for the improvement of national structures during the sixth APRM Methodology Forum.

Addressing an audience of high-level delegates and dignitaries, Sheriff emphasized the urgent need for enhanced visibility, capacity building, and strategic coordination of national structures within the APRM.

In his speech, Sheriff underscored the critical juncture at which the APRM currently stands, highlighting the importance of boosting the visibility and coherence of national structures to uphold the mechanism’s legitimacy and efficiency. He pointed out that many stakeholders lack awareness of these structures and called for concerted efforts to bridge the gap between the APRM’s objectives and public perception.

Sheriff detailed Sierra Leone’s proactive measures to enhance the effectiveness of its APRM national structures. These measures include strategic communication initiatives to improve visibility, partnerships with academic institutions for tailored training programs, and the adoption of dynamic planning models that align with national development priorities. He stressed the need for improved interactions with citizens and alignment of objectives with continental aspirations.

To foster collaboration and synergy, Sierra Leone has established platforms for regular dialogue among national structures, aiming to exchange best practices and amplify impact. Sheriff proposed several innovative solutions, such as establishing a Pan-African Communication Network, creating a Continental Capacity Building Program, setting up an APRM Innovation Hub, and developing an integrated planning and monitoring system to improve coordination between national structures and the Continental Secretariat.

Concluding his address, Sheriff urged delegates to work collectively to transform governance structures, quoting Nelson Mandela’s famous words: “It always seems impossible until it is done.” He expressed Sierra Leone’s dedication to the APRM’s ideals and acknowledged the contributions of the organization’s founding visionaries.

Sheriff’s address at the forum emphasized the need for stronger, more visible, and cohesive national structures to advance the APRM’s mission of promoting good governance and socio-economic development throughout Africa.