The Media and communications Department of the Sierra Leone Police has issued a Press Release expressing  concerns on members of the public who  are in the business of Buying and Selling  Pepper spray and other Public order equipment.

The  Press release further stated that the  Uncontrolled  dealing in Pepper Spray and other Public order equipment  has the propensity  for them to fall in the wrong hands including criminals  that may  tend  to use  them to cause  mischief in Society

The Management of the  Sierra Leone Police is therefore concerned about the wanton  importation, distribution, selling and Buying  and/or  possession  of such public Order Equipment.

The release further concludes that the Management of the SLP Wants it to be known  that that the use of  such equipment requires adequate  expertise  as their improper use  can cause harm either  to oneself or any member of the  Public. Anyone found in possession of such item/ equipment will be arrested and prosecuted