Audit Service Sierra Leone wrote a letter to Freetown City Council (FCC) and demanded the presence of Her Worship Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr during their visit to FCC as they embarked on auditing donor funds received by the Council.

Verification exercise on all, donor funds received by the Freetown City Council for the financial years 2019 to present.

Following a request from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in respect of their ruling on the above subject matter, we write to inform you that a team of auditors from the Audit Service Sierra Leone will be visiting the Freetown City Council on Tuesday 8th February 2022 at 10am prompt.

The objective of the visit is to hold an entrance meeting with the management of the Council which will include a discussion of the terms and conditions of the above engagement, and clarification of any misunderstanding that may arise during the exercise.

Please ensure that the following personnel are present for this entrance meeting and on time.

  • Her Worship the Mayor
  • Deputy Mayor
  • Budget and Finance Committee Chairperson (Past and Present)
  • Accountant
  • Procurement Officer (Past and Present)
  • Head of Municipal Trade Department
  • Environmental and Sanitation Officer (Past and Present)
  • Head of Foreign Affairs Department (Past and Present)
  • Development Planning Officer
  • Valuation Officer
  • Information, Education and Communications Officer
  • All Councillors
  • Internal Auditor
  • Other relevant personnel useful to the audit.


  1. Planning documents for the Transform Freetown Project
  2. Project design reports and agreement with funding agencies
  3. List of donor partners and details of their activities
  4. Financing agreements
  5. Annual workplans and budgets
  6. Project audit reports
  7. Monitoring and evaluation reports
  8. Progress reports
  9. Asset registers
  10. Correspondence between the funding agencies and implementing partners including transfer letters, bank statements, and cash books
  11. Correspondence between Freetown City Council and the implementing agencies
  12. Procurement documents for projects undertaken
  13. Other relevant documents