After nine appearance  in court, the lawyer representing the state in the state matter between the state versus versus Kemoh Sesay, has finally surrendered to Lawyer Charles francis Margai repesenting his client, Kemoh Sesay, a prominent APC Politician.

Before the matter was charged to court , members of the ruling SLPP party took to social media and mainstream media to slaughtered the image of the  Honourable Kemoh Sesay , whilst members of the main opposition described the Cyber Law as a law designed to oppress politicians and their supporters.

Honourable Kemoh Sesay was before the court on two counts of cyber stalking and cyber bullying contrary to section 44 (1) (a) of the cyber security and crime act 2021.

According to the state, sometimes between March and April 2022, in the port Loko District Bakeloko Chiefdom in the Northern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone did wilfully communicate indirectly via public gathering with another person twith the President of Sierra Leone Retired BrigadierJulius Maada Bio.

The lead defense lawyer  C.F Margai renewed his application for a discharge of the matter for want of persecution  and was granted by the court.

Magistrate  Kekura said since  the inception  of the matter  before the court 9th of May 2022 when the accused person was brought to court no single  witness has been led so far by the state  Prosecutor Yusif Issac Sesay and the accused  have been  appearing in court on every adjourned  date irrespective  of his health condition.

Magistrate Kekura further said in view of the aforesaid , he thereby discharge  the matter  for want of Prosecution  to section  94 of the criminal Procedure Act No.32 of 1965