On June 7, 2023, President Julius Maada Bio signed into law “The Basic & Senior Secondary Education Act 2023,” a landmark document aimed at transforming Sierra Leone’s educational sector and enhancing foundational and learning outcomes.

The new Act introduces a range of reforms designed to strengthen the country’s education system. Notably, it includes the implementation of a unique identification number for students, enabling the government to monitor individual progress and ensure inclusive education for all. Additionally, the Act emphasizes compulsory foundational learning, the integration of children from underprivileged communities, and the complete abolition of corporal punishment and any other degrading forms of discipline in schools.

Addressing a gathering of students and education stakeholders at the University of Makeni Auditorium, President Bio emphasized the significance of the new Act for the country’s future.

He stated, “We are gathered here for the future of this country to plan for everyone and to lay a foundation that leaves no one behind. The future is full of opportunities and hope.”

President Bio also highlighted the substantial investments his government has made in the educational sector over the past five years. These include covering tuition fees for students, providing meals in schools, and ensuring the availability of teaching and learning materials for teachers and students. These interventions have yielded positive results, particularly in terms of increased school enrollment, especially among girls.

Following the signing ceremony, President Bio addressed thousands of supporters in Kalangba, Manjoro, and the Wusum Field in Makeni. During his speeches, he emphasized his government’s remarkable achievements and outlined his plans for Sierra Leone in the next term, should he be re-elected in three weeks. The President also stressed the importance of unity, peace, and a violence-free election process.

With the signing of “The Basic & Senior Secondary Education Act 2023,” President Bio’s government has taken a significant step towards ensuring quality education and equal opportunities for all Sierra Leonean students. The reforms outlined in the Act are expected to bring about positive changes in the country’s educational landscape, fostering a brighter future for generations to come.