President Bio on Tuesday 13 February 2024 warmly received renowned British-Sierra Leonean actor and Sierra Leone’s Brand Ambassador, Idris Elba.

Leading a distinguished team of investors, including Zoisa North-Bond, CEO of Octopus Energy, and Tamar Pashtan, Head of ESG & Impact at Vital Capital, Elba’s visit signifies a collaborative effort to explore unique investment opportunities within Sierra Leone.

President Bio, in his announcement, expressed gratitude for the visit of the acclaimed entertainer and emphasized the pivotal role played by Idris Elba as Sierra Leone’s Brand Ambassador.

The delegation’s primary focus during their visit is to leverage the country’s distinctive investment offerings, with a particular emphasis on Renewable Energy, Agriculture, and the ongoing Sherbro Island City (SIC) project. The Sherbro Island City is a Special Economic Zone designed to create a world-class Afro-dynamic Eco-city for West Africa.

Speaking on the purpose of the delegation’s visit, President Bio stated, “The delegation is in Sierra Leone to leverage our nation’s unique investment offerings, including Renewable Energy and Agriculture, as well as the ongoing Sherbro Island City project – a Special Economic Zone designated to building a world-class Afro-dynamic Eco-city for West Africa.”

Idris Elba, known not only for his acting prowess but also for his commitment to philanthropy, has consistently supported Sierra Leone’s economic development priorities. President Bio affirmed the government’s dedication to collaborating with Elba and his team to promote Sierra Leone as a prime investment destination for discerning investors.

The visit marks a significant step toward fostering partnerships that align with Sierra Leone’s economic development goals and showcases the country’s potential as an attractive hub for investment in various sectors.