The First Lady of Sierra Leone, Fatima Bio and her convoy on the 6th February 2023 were involved in a road accident at the Makeni-Freetown highway.

This came about after the First Lady and her convoy were heading back to Freetown from Kono, after a successful ceremony involving the free distribution of Sanitary Pads to galaxy of school girls in Koidu city.

Speaking on the matter, popular politician, Sylvia Olayinka Blyden revealed that the driver of the said lorry that rushed into the First Lady’s convoy claimed that he had a brake failure whilst driving at a very high speed.

‘’This is the Lorry which drove with high speed and rammed into the convoy of First Lady Fatima Maada Bio after the driver said his brakes failed him whilst he was driving the lorry at top speed on the Makeni Highway. The First Lady is safe but naturally she is very, very concerned over her security staff who are affected.

The lost control lorry narrowly missabouthe actual official vehicle in which First Lady Fatima Maada Bio was actually seated as she returned to Freetown from Kono via Makeni Highway,” she stated.

She furthered that, the driver continued in a very high speed having missed the official vehicle of the First Lady and ran over the third one which was a security vehicle, leading to the security men to sustain injuries.

’After first missing her official vehicle, the lorry driver continued, with high speed, to hit the back of one of the security vehicles before continuing to actually ride over a third security vehicle; in the process seriously injuring lose protection security officials.

Because of the height of the lorry, the lorry driver did not sustain serious injuries. However, it practically rolled on top of the convoy vehicle, seriously injuring and mauling those who were in it,” Blyden further stated.

She disclosed that the police are currently investigating the cause of the accident as well as those injured personnel undergoing intensive medical care in Freetown.