The Sierra Leone Police has reportedly arrested 17 women protesters and taken them to Ross Road Police Station.

It is also reported that the 17 women have been held in detention with lawyers being denied access to them.

The women dressed in all black, matching under the rainy streets of Freetown, with microphones on their hands, were singing and calling on the government to hear to the suffering and hardship they are battling with.

” Papaaaa, help Salone, Papaaaa help Salone,” they sang.

Yesterday, evening two truckloads of riot police stormed the home of female opposition politician, Femi Claudius-Cole and took her to the CID on allegations of incitement.

The police alleged that she has been mobilizing a group of women to protest without having permission to do so.

Miss Claudius-Cole told BBC’s Umaru Fofana that she had been approached by some market women who complained about the present economic climate saying they wanted “to process and express their concerns to the authorities”.

She said she’d written to the police notifying them about today’s protest.

The police on Saturday, July 2, 2022, issued a statement, saying that whoever attempts to hold a demonstration shall be deemed to have contravened the Public Order Acts, and he or she will face the full force of the law. Stay tuned for more information.

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