The biggest and most reliable digital blogging platform in the country Born to Blog (B2B), has on Monday 11th July 2022, celebrated its 2 years anniversary of success, hard work, and patriotism in service to Sierra Leoneans.

Born to Blog is a registered digital social media agency company that has a strong positive motive geared towards helping businesses, and talented individuals strive to achieve their goals. The group as it name implies, also focuses on promoting the local content policy of Sierra Leone.

They gained national and international recognition few years ago and have turned out to be the biggest blogging team in Sierra Leone – Born to Blog focuses primarily on working with the youthful population, as part of their corporate social responsibility is to create a platform for Sierra Leonean youths as well as trying to mitigate the unemployment rate in the nation. They are of the firm belief that youths are the foundation of national development and must be empowered.

The blogging team has created numerous jobs for young people all over the country, as well as creating a platform for them to improve their networking skills and showcase their talents in promoting, advertising, marketing, and many other areas of specialties. Since its inception few years ago, the team has secured the service of over 30 employees including bloggers and all of them are on payroll.

Born to Blog is not only focusing on helping businesses grow. The blogging page also have a football team that has been helping young talented individuals reach their potential and achieve success in the football arena.

In an interview with the CEO and founder of Born to Blog – Sahr Memphis, he asserted that the goal is not only about blogging what’s popular, but they strive to blog about their passions no matter how quaint, as that is the true meaning of empowerment. He affirmed that blogging for him is not about earnings, rather it’s about helping others with the knowledge that he has especially young people, as that has always been his superpower.

He urged every Sierra Leonean, including his fellow bloggers and blog pages, to be focused on how to promote and transform Sierra Leonean contents in the specific blogging context.

He further said that hatred, malice, and hypocrisy have wreaked havoc on the entertainment industry in Sierra Leone. As a result, the country’s local content policy has made little or no progress both within and outside of Sierra Leone.

He underscored that various blogging pages will be the driving force that will close the gap in the long-standing divide by promoting and enhancing the local content policy without fear, favor, or malice – as everyone should also strive for neutrality and balance when promoting Sierra Leonean contents.

He concluded that one does not have to be paid to promote Sierra Leonean content, but as long as you believe that the content (s) is worth sharing or promoting, bloggers must do what they can to help that content creator gets recognized.

In addition to the aforementioned, the group have had partnership deals with over 50 different clients in the last two years, demonstrating how popular, recognized, and established they are. Born to Blog is here to stay, and they are eager to implement more innovative blogging ideas to help businesses grow.

With an established website and different social media handles, the Facebook page has over 160.000 followers.

They have an audience of nearly a million followers on all social media platforms, which has paved the way for them to work with reputable businesses and household names like; Goodies supermarket, Big Sister Show, Country lodge hotel, Enjoy Sierra Leone, Venice Service Ltd, AYV empire, and Jay Skin Care products and so many others.

Be part of the family and get your business a positive recognition, because with Born to Blog – the best is yet to come.

Source: Owl Press