The CEO of Red Flag Muzik (RFM), Alhaji Amadu Bah popularly known as Boss La was spotted chilling together with Chairman and Leader of the All Peoples Congress (APC) party, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma and other top APC politicians.

The rapper was spotted at the residence of Former President Ernest Bai Korom in Makeni after the 3rd day of the party’s National Delegates Conference signing a unity song together with APC politicians.

During the 2018 elections, Boss La endorsed Samura Kamara and Chernor Maju Bah of All Peoples Congress party. After the party lost the election to Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), the rapper declared himself as the voice of the people. He added that, he is not supporting any political party in Sierra Leone. He just believed the ideology of some politicians that he is supporting.

Boss La has released couples of songs against the ruling SLPP government. Amongst them are; ‘Na Ya We Dae’, the most trending song, ‘Complain’ and many others.

As 2023 elections approaches, the rapper was seen on a video that went viral on social media chilling and singing with the opposition party in the residence of Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma in Makeni. He made the visit ahead of his successful show in Makeni City Plaza with his team.