Former Big Sister Salone Reality TV show contestant, Camareh Sarah Kamara also known as Sameh has today 14th July 2022 reacted with emojis of tears on her Facebook page when she was dumped by her old boyfriends who got angry over photos showing her baby bump on her official Facebook handle.

Camareh Sarah Kamara was the first runner up of the first reality TV show in Sierra Leone, Big Sister Sierra Leone (BSSL). On a posted dated 13th July 2022, the celebrity posted stunning photos showing her baby bump on the media. This action of hers has broke the minds and hearts of her online relationships who were not expecting this from her. This could be as a result of the celebrity giving false hopes to each of them.

Many who have not been seen her full recent photos posted thought the photos on her timeline were the most recent of all. It came as a surprise to them who have had plans for her when they spotted her photos with the baby bump.

With regards to this, the celebrity reacted shortly after the news has reached the four corners of the blue app with tears of disappointment as she was dumped by all her side chicks and cocks online. Pregnancy is a test of time that is very difficult for women. We sometimes think they must have gotten used to it after all, but times like this is the best time that they need company, love, caring, etc but it seems Camareh is going to face this test unprepared as this expected incident has occurred.

On her Facebook page, she wrote:

This life nor balance o๐Ÿ˜ฉ

Mi online boyfriend dem all don sack mi๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ญ”