The Center for Accountability and Rule of Law and their partners conduct several campaigns to youths on election non-violence across the country. Irish Aid and OSIWA were the key sponsors to these campaigns. CARL with Office of National Security (ONS), Political Party Regulation Commission is touring around the country spreading messages on election justice, non-violence and election dispute resolution mechanism towards the June 24 elections.

CARL representative, Jeremy Ben-Simbo thanked their sponsor in his speech for providing the necessary funds to reach out to Sierra Leoneans spreading vital messages ahead of the elections. He said they are touring around the country speaking to stakeholders and youth on PR system, non-violence and other election related issues of violence. He said people are finding it hard to understand the PR system, but they are doing what is needed through their engagement with them to heighten some clue about the system. He advises that election is not a period to fight but one that people should use to choose their leaders. He said, “It should be a contest and not a fight”. He encouraged the youth to be peaceful before, during and after the elections.

Madam Josephine Panda, Deputy Director of PPRC also lamented that, “election is not war or a moment to create mayhem. We are here today reminding the youth about elections period. She said the process has been calm and peaceful so far especially in Freetown as their commission is yet to receive any party violence in Western Area. She advises the youth to maintain in that direction to make Sierra Leone a better place.

Mr. Conteh a bike rider said that he really learned a lot and he really appreciated the engagement. He promised to pass on the knowledge to the rest of his colleagues.