The growing number of cattle’s in Komandu Section Toli Chiefdom Kono District has posed serous threat to farming activities in the district. This is according to the Komandu Section Chief, Sheku P. Mansaray  in an interview that the unfriendly activity of cattle’s in some part of Toli Chiefdom Kono District is slowly killing farming activities.

Chief Mansaray further lamented that the unfriendly activities of cattle in the district has prompted good members youth to look for greener pasture in the neighbouring countries other than embarking on farming which does not pay owing to the problem farmers are facing.

Meanwhile, some of the residents of Komandu Section in Toli Chiefdom Kono District maintained that the destruction caused by the growing number of cattle cannot be unconnected with what they described as the irresponsible behaviour of the cowboys that are charged with the responsibility of controlling the cattle’s coupled with the disrespectful behavours of the rearers towards crop farmers.

He said as a way of addressing the reported problem at least seven months have been allocated to crop farmers for their farming activities while five months also have been allocated to cattle rearers.

According to A-Z Newspaper, Chief Sheku P. Mansaray concluded by calling on the central government to intervene in the situation in order to maintain peace, law and order in farming and cattle rearing communities in Kono District and the country as a whole.