The Head of the Chinese construction company assigned to the Siaka Stevens Stadium project, has provided Sierra Leoneans with assurance of delivering an appealing work that will meet the established standards of both FIFA and CAF for football facilities. 

He made these remarks during an inspection led by Sorie Ibrahim Sesay, the Director of Competitions at the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA). The inspection encompassed multiple facets of the stadium, comprising dressing rooms, the pitch, media center, anti-doping center, goal posts, scoreboard, tunnel, gym, main entrance, and plastic seating for the stands.

In his statement, he revealed that they have erected a total of eight dressing rooms (four for international competitions and four for local competitions) along with two stands designed for disabled fans. These additions aim to ensure full participation for everyone during competitions.

The pitch will feature natural grass, four goal posts made of fiber instead of iron, and a modern electronic scoreboard. The main challenge at present is the installation of plastic seats for the open stands, but efforts are underway to address this he noted.

Hon. Gavao, the newly appointed Chairman of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Sports, urged Jessie to expedite the fixing of plastic seats, emphasizing that a stadium rehabilitation without them would not meet FIFA/CAF standards. He highlighted the importance of ensuring that the $40 million project includes all facilities meeting the required standards.