Popular Sierra Leonean Comedians, Yemata and Oga Worwor are in hot words battle after one of them serves the other a dose of his own medicines.

It all started after the call to bar and certification ceremony of new lawyers, when Comedian Oga Worwor, made fun of Yemata with regards the above mentioned.

Oga Worwor took to Facebook a mocking statement put funnily that Yemata has taken 8 years to study law but has still not graduated.

“Another set of LAWER’s don graduates but we nor see Yemata Entertainment egain this make 8 years way e still day law school
Abi na d PORTLOKO branch e day do e law.” His post on Facebook reads.

As if that wasn’t enough, he went on and posted a mocking congratulory message to another comedian, Richie Obama, congratulating him that although he did not went to law school he still graduated, stressing that he is better than Yemata who has taken 8 and a half years to study law but has still not graduated.

Yemata became annoyed by Oga’s posts and throws back at him saying that Oga has reference at IPAM which he should go and clear before he can talk to him.

He went on to state in another post that blogger Sarah Kallay should employ Oga Worwor who is a premature and a failed comedian that wants to use his name to become popular in Sierra Leone.

The words battle went on even after Oga went and apologized to Yemata privately, Yemata threw abusive words at him, calling him stupid fool and stating that Oga should go and hype his father.

He went ahead and took a screenshot of the conversation and posted it on his page.

This got Sierra Leoneans wondering why he is taking Oga’s comments personal. Could it be that Oga Worwor spoke the truth?

Stay tuned for more updates as they unfolds.