The President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, His Excellency Julius Maada Bio has told Sierra Leoneans that he will continue to fly as long as it is brings benefits to Sierra Leoneans.

The President made this statement when he was addressing the National Women’s Wings leaders and delegates of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) on Friday 3rd December, 2021 at State House.

He mentioned the things that he has done through his travelling out of the country. He said his government has done more than what was expected. According to him, the things mentioned in the manifesto have been accomplished. President Bio said that, they are taking care of 1,500,000 school going children by paying their school fees and providing transport system that reduced their transportation cost. He added that they have the highest record of girls attending schools than the previous years. President Bio talked about girls that are studying science. “Today, Sierra Leone is the only country in the world where girls can attend from Pre School to University without paying anything as long as she is a science student.” He said they have abolished death penalty, freed journalists from harassment and women from rape.

He promised to bring more women into power and in all the sectors. “This is the only government that has the heart to do such which are not easy to be accomplished.” President Bio added that he is just giving clue on things to talk about instead of talking about SLPP, APC or PMDC. He said his government is different, they have performed and they have been recognized. He continues saying that if his government has not been recognized, the United States Government wouldn’t have promised his country with over USD 300,000,000 as grant under the MCC. “You were told that I am not travelling to the United States again but right now Americans are bringing their money to our country because they are satisfied with the ways I am governing.” He spoke

President Bio continue saying that, when they want to mislead people, they say he travels a lot. He said if a father can’t go outside to search for something, he will never bring anything especially when things are hard. “When I went for Global Partnership for Education, I brought over USD 25,000,000 into the country”. He also talked about the Prosthetic Bionic Centre that will be established by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) University. He said Sierra Leone will be the first country in the whole world that will have such establishment with a cost of USD 24,000,000. He said when he asked the woman why that money will be sent to Sierra Leone. The woman responded that, she saw him when he was speaking on TED, she listened to him and she will never forget Sierra Leone. “If I continue to sit in Sierra Leone, would I get such support”? He asked. He concluded that he will continue to fly.

President Bio’s frequent travelling out of the country was raised by Sierra Leoneans. According to them, the travelling of the President is not bringing benefit to the country. They added that President Bio is spending tax payers’ money to travel with his wife and delegates on every trip he made.

On the other hand, Sierra Leoneans estimated that, he has travelled out of the country for over 70 times. They said his travelling has brought more hardship into the country as they are not receiving any benefit from his trips.