A group of councilors from the Coalition for Change (C4C) party have on the 4th February, 2023 declared for the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) in Kono district.

Many of those that declared for the SLPP disclosed that, it was a reunion to the party as they left the party in 2018 for some reasons and have decided to come back and push the successful move of the party in the June 24 elections.

They strongly pledged their allegiance to the party and confirmed that their return is stable and to help drive the developmental goal of the party as well as the vision of President Bio’s second term plans.

Speaking at the event, one of the councilors said, ‘’ The SLPP is our traditional party and some of us took another drive because of a reason but with all that reason, we were disappointed. When we were leaving the SLPP for the C4C. Thank God we had no issues with members of the SLPP at that time.’’

He furthered that, during the runoff in the 2018 elections which brought President Bio into governance, they were working tirelessly in making sure that the their sister, Fatima Bio becomes the First Lady of Sierra Leone.

He maintained that, they will try in all means to ensure the second term is achieved by the president and the first lady.

’ We are not fighting for President Bio alone but to ensure that even after President Bio’s second term in office the SLPP will still be in governance,’’ the councilor said.