In a Radio Interview on Good Morning Salone at  98.1, the Minister of Basic and Senior secondary Education Dr. David Moinina  Sengeh highlighted the achievements of the ministry since 2018 by manifesto promise.

in the aspect of *Free*, Dr Sengeh  mentioned  the payment  of  all public exams fees  for government  assisted   schools among others .

In his response to the moderator , the Minister spoke  about quality in the education  sysytem  as he mentioned  the excellent  performances  of government  and government -assisted  schools, especially the provinces , the recruitment  of inspectors  of schools, frequent teachers training , Provision  of the tablets for principles  for accurate data, visiting of schools amongst many.

During the  program, many students called  and gave  accolades  to the mininistry for a work well done  as they  have seen  so much progress. With this national impact impact of the  FQSE, Sierra Leone  is now known  internationally  for its  for its strides  in Education.

Recently, President  Bio was appointed  Co-Chair advisory Comittee set up to  for transforming Education Summit as Nominated  by UNESCO High-level steering Committee.

When asked how effective  is the FQSE, In his words Dr. Sengeh said in the  lingua Franca ”when you open  pump the water nor dae just just flow untill yyou continue to open the pomp” this he  meant  the education  sector  cannot be transformed in 4years  but there is  so much to be  boastful of and  President Bio is building a solid foundation  that will  see Sierra Leone  highly ranked in education.