Lawyer Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, the Lead Defense Counsel in the criminal matter involving ex- military personnel, including Retired Captain Milton Sam Bangura, Morlai Bai Sheburrah Kamara, Retired Major Alimamy Osman Kamara, Saccoh Kamara and Retired Major Mathew Sorie Kamara has made an application for an in-camera sitting to further cross examine the prosecution witness.

This, according to Defense Counsel, is based on security consideration and to avoid or prevent certain information not to be disclosed in an open court.

Counsel’s application was overruled by Principal Magistrate Mark Ngegha of Pademba Road Magistrate Court No 1, in  Freetown, on the grounds that, “This been a Preliminary Investigation (PI) hearing. I have no reason to sit this matter in camera”.

Lawyer Fitzgerald Kamara refused to cross-examine the witness after his application was overruled.

Kamara also objected to a short adjournment date sought by the Police Prosecutor and head of Police Legal Joan Bull, as he cannot be coming and going on with one witness; and urged the prosecutor to move beyond one witness per day.

Lieutenant Colonel Foday K. Sannoh, a commandant and operations officer for Western Area was on Monday led in evidence as the first Prosecution Witness (PW1), to testify in the alleged offences of conspiracy and operating a private service outfit without valid license.

The witness said he knows the first and second accused as former Military colleagues, and recalled on the 7th June, 2023 when he received command instruction from his superior to escort the accused, through the support of Military Aid to Civil Power (MAC-P).

At 09:30 hours on the above date, the witness said he went to Kissy Terminal where he met the now accused persons in the custody of the police. He then escorted them to the Headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

According to Lieutenant Colonel Foday K. Sannoh, he met the first accused Retired Captain Milton Sam Bangura with a camouflage cap (Combat Cap).

The accused were denied bail and the matter was adjourned to the 5th September, 2023 for further hearing.